Air Filter Replacements

Air filters help to improve the quality of indoor air and the quality of filter system and filters have proved to be the highest. We offer you air filter replacements. The air purifier has special indicator which shows when it's time to replace the filter. Filters attract and capture allergens like dust mite debris, pollen, lint, household dust and mold spores. Pollen and dust reduction filter contains media that is electrostatically charged to filter and attract the mentioned particles in the air. We carry various filters and all of them meet American Lung Association Health Indoor Air Quality Guidelines. Perfect for different heating and cooling systems including high-velocity systems our air filters are sold in cases of six. Average fiberglass or washable disposable air filters are less effective than dust and pollen Filtrete air filters. Economical upgrade with Filtrete air cleaning filters is real and cheap. Be ready to replace filters in your air purifier and save your money!

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