3M CUNO Aqua-Pure AP111 Whole House Filter (2-Pack)

3M CUNO Aqua-Pure AP111 Whole House Filter (2-Pack)Housings for the CUNO AquaPure AP-111 Water Filter:
  • AquaPure AP101S Whole House System
  • AquaPure AP101T Whole House System
  • AquaPure AP102T Whole House System
  • AquaPure AP102S Whole House System
  • AquaPure AP11S Whole House System
  • AquaPure AP11T Whole House System
  • AquaPure AP12T Drinking Water System
  • AquaPure AP12S System
  • AquaPure AP1610 System
  • AquaPure AP2610 System
  • AquaPure AP51T System
  • AquaPure SS11-SS12 System
  • AquaPure SS20-SS36 System
  • AquaPure AP1610SS System
  • AquaPure AP2610SS System

Cuno AquaPure has discontinued the AP111 filters and replaced them with the water filters. The AP124 filters can be purchased below. The AP124 filters are 50 micron filters whereas the AP111 filters were 25 micron filters. If you would like to stay with 25 micron filters, purchase the filters below. 25 micron filters reduce more sediment than 50 micron filters.
CUNO Aqua-Pure AP111 Water Filter Specs:
  • Dimensions: 9 3/4? L x 2 5/8? W
  • 25 Micron Nominal Filtration
  • Flow Rate: 8 gpm / 30.3 lpm
  • Dirt and Rust Reduction
  • Graded Density for Long Life (up to 30% longer!)
  • Rigid Construction Withstands Stressful Conditions
  • Use on Hot & Cold Water (up to 100? F)
  • Made from FDA (CFR 21) Compliant Materials

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Special Order (1-2 week lead time)
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