ASME-Coded Steel Filter Bag Housings

ASME coded filter bag housing is used for applications requiring an ASME code vessel. American Society of Mechanical Engineers is one of the oldest organizations in the world that develops standards. Producing approximately 600 standards and codes it covers such technical areas as elevators, boiler components, measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits, hand tools, cranes, machine tools and fasteners. A standard is a set of technical guidelines and definitions that are instructions for manufacturers, designers, users and operators of equipment. A standard becomes a code after it is adopted by governmental bodies and is incorporated into contract or is enforceable by law. American Society of Mechanical Engineers controls and constriction and inspection of filter bag housing and here you'll find only filter bag housings with ASME code stamp. Offered bag filter system is made from carbon steel housing material. These ASME bag filter housing has stainless steel filter basket, adjustable legs, hinged cover with swing bolt closures and a Viton cover seal. A heavy cover of filter bag housing helps it be rated to high pressures.

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