High Flow Steel Filter Bag Housings

High flow filter bag housing is designed for applications that involve large liquid flow rates such as pre reverse osmosis filtration and water cooling. Built with carbon steel design, high flow filter system suits many applications and is perfect for industrial fluids such as hydraulic oils, transformer oils, lubrication oils, synthetic oils and many thinners and solvents. Designed to optimize the performance of new high flow filter elements, high flow bag filter housing can be engineered in a wide range of pressure ratings and materials to meet the requirements of demanding application. And typical high flow series applications include pre and final filtration of chemicals, process water, gas and oil production- sea water injection, paper and pulp production, electrolytic fluids, RO pretreatment, metal finishing and plating solutions and others. Offered high flow steel filter bag housing with stainless steel filter basket and reliable construction can be used for a broad line of applications.

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