Pentek Bag Filter Housing Systems

Water is essential to life and the major concern while the water resources of the earth are abundant is safe water for cooking, drinking and household use. It's a wise solution to rely on trusted products- filter housing, filtration and softening systems, accessories and cartridges. And we offer you Pentek products to improve the quality of the water used in household as well as for industrial and other applications. Pentek bag filter housing is effective, durable and reliable. Pentek manufactures filters for Culligan and American Plumber. Such water filtration companies as Plymouth Products, Ametek, US Filter and Ametek Kleen-Plus were purchased by Pentek. Nowadays Pentek filter systems are best known for their quality products for small houses and large volume water filtration needs, for example, factories, manufacturing plants, hotels, etc. Offered Pentek water filters, bag filter housing and accessories are constructed for ease of use, durability and long life. Available in different materials for various applications Pentek products have reasonable price and are high quality to meet your needs.

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