Polypropylene Filter Bag Housings

Polypropylene filter bag housinga is featured by nominal micron rating, depth filtration and sewn construction. Polypropylene filter bags have a high solids retention capacity and provide depth filtration. We offer you polypropylene bag filter housing systems with glazed or singed outside surface of bags to prevent fabric fibers from the bag getting into filtered, clean process media. Used at temperatures up to 200F polypropylene filter bags are compatible with most fluids except those considered strongly alkaline or aromatic solvents. We provide polypropylene filter bags with plastic and metal sealing rings. The material of the ring is important for disposal purposes as well as for chemical compatibility and the plastic ring should be used if the bag is going to be disposed of by incineration, for example. We offer you best prices for high quality polypropylene bag filter housing to meet all your needs and diversity of applications.

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