Steel Strap Band Filter Bag Housings

We provide a broad range of filter bag housings that can be used for different industrial and commercial applications. Steel strap band filter system is perfect for high temperature, high pressure and high flow applications. Our steel bag filter housings are powder coated to provide extra protection. They handle a pressure rating of 150 psi and maximum temperature of 300°. Offered steel bag filter housings are supplied with removable stainless steel basket and the lid secured with quick swing strap band that requires no tools to remove. Quicker filter changes are allowed as the band doesn't require full removal to provide access to the bag filter. The design provides great flexibility in service and installation of the housing. The position and height of the housing can be easily changed due to the adjustable steel stands. The housing can be securely bolted to the floor as it has pre-drilled holes in the legs. It's highly recommended to use steel strap band filter housing in the conditions listed in the warranty and instruction.

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