Countertop Filter Systems

Water filtration system is the perfect and easy way of improving the quality of water we not only drink but use for other purposes. Countertop water filters will help you to save money and have as much pure and healthy water at home as you want. Bottled water is really expensive these days and it's not always healthy and good quality. Countertop water filtration system helps the environment as well as you and your family. The filter is easily connected to existing mixer faucet or cold water with attached diverted valve. Offered countertop water filter answers International water tasting standards and the efficiency of the system is based upon testing of components to NSF standards. Countertop filtration system provides organics removal, heavy metal reduction. The countertop water filter package includes diverter valve, tubing, faucet, quick-connect fittings, candle, filter housing with inlet and outlet. There is no need in permanent modifications to the kitchen plumbing and the countertop water filter allows unfiltered water to be drawn from existing faucet at the press of the button. Superior performance and compact size of countertop filters make them perfect for cottages, apartments, travel and boats.

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