Instapure Teledyne Waterpik Faucet Filters

Teledyne Waterpik water treatment division was sold to Instapure. Instapure is well-known supplier of high quality and efficient water filters. We offer you reliable filters labeled with the Instapure brand. Instapure faucet filters reduce odor, bad taste and chlorine in drinking water. The life of filter cartridge is extended due to the built-in knob that allows the choice of unfiltered or filtered water. Instapure faucet system is easily installed on the kitchen faucet and variety of designs is available to fit your sink hardware. Instapure water faucet filters are tested and certified to ANSI/NSF standards. Replaceable three-month filter comes together with Teledyne Waterpik faucet filter with a clear cover and a chrome finish to fit your decor.

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