Pentek faucet water filter system is the most affordable and smartest way to bring filtered, clean water to your house. If you are tired of wasting money on bottles of water which are really expensive nowadays and want to have clear and clean water for cooking, household duties whenever you need, you'd better choose high quality water filtration system by Pentek. Pentek is manufacturer of filters for Culligan and Ameican Plumber. Pentek purchased many water filtration companies including Ametek Kleen-Plus, US Filter, Ametek, Plymouth Products and others. Pentek faucet filters is the system that is easily installed and help you get fresh tasting and clean water from your tap. Pentek filter products remove suspended solids and contaminants from water providing safe and clean drinking water. The system also protects and extends the life of household equipment and appliances. Pentek faucet filters are reliable, durable and efficient.