Water filters are used to reduce contaminants from water at homes and office. There are different types of water filtering systems for industrial, manufacture and commercial applicants. The process of water filtration is very similar to river water emerging cleaner on the other side of passed rocks. Large contaminants from the water passing over the media are trapped and stopped from passing through with the water and we get clear, clean and fresh tasting water for drinking, cooking and other purposes. Most modern water filters use not only physical filtration but chemical processes to attract contaminants. The process of negative and positive charges similar to magnets is used and such media encourages the contaminants to break the bond with water. Let's take chlorine as example. It's very difficult to remove chlorine but carbon-based media will attract atoms of chlorine and they will break their bonds with water while simple granular media used in old models of water filters is useless here. And when it comes to getting the freshest and cleanest water in business or at home, the most effective and developed water filtering systems should be used. We offer you a full line of various water filters and their parts and accessories. If you are not sure what you are searching for, this category is for you.

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