Amway has delivered numerous high quality products during 50 years they have been in business. First Amway water treatment system was introduced in 1984. The initial Amway water filtering system evolved into eSpring water purifier. Researches focused on UV disinfection technology, pressed carbon block, "instant-on" UV technology, electronic monitoring, wireless RFID communication and others were conducted to develop Amway water filter and nowadays reliable and effective Amway water filters are available in markets all over the world. eSpring water Purifier featured carbon-block filter and UV light to reduce more than 140 harmful contaminants. Yet it allows beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium to remain in the water. There are below counter and counter-top units of Amway water filter to meet various needs and fit design of your office or kitchen. Monitor indicator shows the remaining life in the cartridge and you'll easily find out when it's time for filter cartridge replacement. We stock Amway water filters and their parts and accessories. Choose pure and safe water for your family and your business.

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