"C" Style Aluminum Clamp SV-6 Self Piercing 1/4" Saddle Valve

"C" Style Aluminum Clamp SV-6 Self Piercing 1/4" Saddle ValveInstallation

SV-6 Assemble Saddle-Tapping Valve Assembly on Tube Instructions:
  • Hold back plate against tube.
  • Hold valve saddle against tubing in a position directly opposite back plate.
  • Tighten screw enough so valve saddle and back plate are held securely against tube.
  • Tighten screw firmly. Do not crush tube.
SV-6 Connect Source Water Feed Tubing to Valve Body Using Compression Fitting Instructions:
  • Slide nut and sleeve onto tubing (in that order).
  • Install insert into plastic tubing.
  • Install tube with insert and sleeve into valve body.
  • Thread compression nut onto valve body. Tighten.
  • Turn saddle-tapping valve handle clockwise until it is firmly seated and piercing lance is fully extended.
  • CAUTION: Supply line is pierced and valve is closed. Do not open valve until system is activated. Turn on cold water supply. Check saddle-tapping valve installation for leaks. Allow water to run from faucet for a few minutes to clear any debris in the line caused by installation.
  • NOTE: If flow from sink faucet is reduced, clean faucet aerator.

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