UltraViolet Water Filter Systems

Ultraviolet water purification is clean, easy-to-maintain and safe method of disinfection. UV filtration system destroys 99.99% of harmful contaminants and no chemicals are used. Approved by the US FDA Ultraviolet water filters have proved to be cost effective, reliable and quick method of water purification. When UV light comes into contact with bacteria, the energy of UV light rearranges the RNA/DNA attacking the genetic code of microorganisms and eliminates their ability to reproduce. Selecting UV water filter, don't forget about good pre-filter as it's necessary for removing any debris or dirt present in raw water. It's recommended to replace the UV lamp after 9,000 hours of use or on an annual basis. We offer you only high quality and trusted UV water filter systems, UV parts and accessories, replacement UV lamps and anything required for the system. Our products are available at the most affordable prices and will guarantee you pure and clean drinking water.

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