Trojan UV

Trojan is the trusted name in the Ultraviolet industry that offers a full range of systems. Trojan systems are both for point of entry and point of use applications. Quartz sleeves, lamps and other replacement parts are available in the best quality. Most of Trojan models have UV intensity diagnostic monitors. Trojan UV system kills viruses and bacteria in untreated private or well water. Economical purchase price and operating cost, ease of operation and low maintenance requirements make Trojan ultraviolet one of the best water treatment technologies for home and for industry. Trojan UV introduces no harmful chemicals to the water. We offer you high quality and affordable Trojan UV lamps, Trojan quartz sleeves, Trojan UV replacement power supply and other products by Trojan- the innovator and pioneer in UV water treatment area and one of the largest water treatment companies in the world.

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