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Ultraviolet systems don't change the odor or taste of the water and don't add any chemicals to it though they destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms. UV is one of the four methods of disinfection approved by the US FDA and a clean, easy and safe method of removing the bacteria from the water. UV is used for both point of entry and point of use as reliable, quick and cost effective method of water disinfection. Attacking the genetic core of microorganisms, UV water treatment system rearranges the DNA/RNA and the ability of microorganisms to reproduce is eliminated. Therefore microorganisms can't replicate and infect the organisms they have contact with. We offer you high quality parts and accessories for ultraviolet systems. UV replacement sensor, UV lamps and quartz sleeves, UV power supply, adaptors and other durable and reliable UV parts are to your disposal at the lowest prices available.

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