Teledyne Waterpik IR-20 Water Filter (2-Pack)

Teledyne Waterpik IR-20 Water Filter (2-Pack)Water Filter Systems for the Waterpik IR-20 Water Filter:
  • Waterpik IF-20 (IF20) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-20A (IF20A) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik IF-25 (IF25) Water Filter System
  • Waterpik K-50 (K50) Water Filter System
  • The Waterpik IR-20 water filter fits most standard filter systems by: InstaPure, Ametek, Culligan, Cuno, Omni, Aqua Pure, Keystone, Filterite, Moen, Peerless, Purity Plus and Pollenex.
Replacement Parts for the Filter System:
  • Teledyne Waterpik Replacement O-Ring. The 274300 oring can ONLY be used with Teledyne Waterpik housings.
  • If your current Teledyne Waterpik housing is leaking, there are no other replacement parts available. You will need to purchase a new housing such as the Culligan . The HF-360 can use the IR-25 Water Filter. The 274300 oring does not work with the Culligan HF-360 housing.

Teledyne Waterpik has discontinued the IR-20 water filter. The is the recommended replacement filter. The P5 can be purchased below.
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Special Order (1-2 week lead time)
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