Amway 110192 eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System (Countertop)

Amway 110192 eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System (Countertop)Amway 110192 eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System - Above Counter Unit with Existing Faucet and Diverter Kit:
  • The auxiliary faucet should be in the "on" position, with the supply water turned off when changing the eSpring replacement filter or during flushing.
  • The retaining ring holds the filter bracket in place and only needs to be threaded until it stops to prevent water leakage. After installing a new cartridge, the retaining ring should spin freely on the threads until it reaches its first stop. Even though the retaining ring may feel slightly loose to the touch, this is as tight as it needs to be to hold the bracket in place, which will provide a watertight seal. Over tightening the retaining ring may damage your eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System and impair its ability to hold the bracket in position and maintain a complete, watertight seal.
  • It is recommended that the filter should be changed after a year or 1,320 gallons, whichever comes first. This has been determined after performance testing and failure to maintain as per recommendation may impair performance.
  • The LED display of the eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System will display the time to change the filter. The LED indicator resembles the gas gauge on a car. As the filter reaches the end of its life, the last bar becomes yellow and the unit beeps once when activated. The bar becomes red when it is time to change and the unit beeps when the water is on.
  • The display unit of the Carbon Water Treatment System will highlight when your battery is dead. It is best to change the batteries along with the filter even if there is life in the battery. Changing the batteries will not reset your unit.
  • The filter of the eSpring Carbon Water Treatment System is easy to change. The eSpring replacement filter screws in like a light bulb. The eSpring monitor automatically resets itself when the filter is replaced.
  • In case your system beeps or makes a constant tone after filter replacement, it is likely that the top filter is not installed correctly. Take the following actions:
    • Remove the top shroud (display/cover) and new filter again.
    • Reinstall the filter ? press into the bracket and then twist to thread it until it comes to a stop.
    • Align the top shroud properly.
    • If it's correctly seated, there should be no gap between the top shroud and the base housing.

Amway eSpring Above Counter Carbon Water Treatment System with Existing Faucet Kit Reduces:
  • 13 disinfection byproducts.
  • 30 pesticides and pesticide byproducts.
  • Lead, mercury, radon, and radon decay products.
  • Two pharmaceutical impurities.
  • MTBE (Methyl tert-butyl ether).
  • More than 40 suspected endocrine disruptors.
  • Suspected carcinogens known to exist in water.
  • Particulate down to 0.2 microns.
  • Reduces asbestos, sediments, dirt and scale.
Amway 110192 Carbon Water Treatment System Contaminants List:
  • Amway 110192 Contaminants List
    (Download Adobe Reader).

Amway 110192 Carbon Block Filter Water Treatment System Specs:
  • Housing height: 11.5" Diameter: 7"
  • Materials: All materials meet U.S. FDA requirements for use in transmitting fluids for human consumption.
  • Constructed of durable, high-impact plastic.
  • For use with potable water supplies.
  • Maximum pressure: 125 ps.
  • Minimum pressure: 15 psi
  • Maximum water temperature: 86 degrees F
  • Minimum water temperature: 40 degrees F
  • Electrical requirements: 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included)

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