Hydrotech 3VTFC25G Reverse Osmosis System

Hydrotech 3VTFC25G Reverse Osmosis SystemHydrotech 3VTFC25G Reverse Osmosis System Stages:
  • Stage 1: The 41400076 Dual Purpose Carbon and Sediment Filter is used in the 1st housing. The Stage 1 filter should be changed every 6-12 months.
  • Stage 2: The 33001068 25 GPD TFC Membrane is used in the 2nd housing. The Stage 2 membrane should be changed approximately every 2 years.
  • Stage 3: The 41400009 / S-FS-19 Carbon Block Filter is used in the 3rd housing. The Stage 3 filter should be changed every 6-12 months.
Hydrotech 3VTFC25G RO System Parts:
  • Replacement O-Ring: The 34201026 O-Ring is a replacement o-ring that fits inside the housing sumps. The o-rings should be replaced every couple of filter changes. Be sure to use O-Ring Silicone Grease to lubricate the o-rings every time you change the filters.
  • Replacement Sump: The 20500023 Sump is a replacement sump and only needs to be replaced when your sump cracks or wears out.
  • Wrench: The 21401003 Wrench is a great tool for removing the sump when replacing the filters. DO NOT use the wrench to tighten the sump.
Hydrotech 3VTFC25G RO Filter Change Intervals:
  • The filter change interval will vary due to your water quality and the amount of water used.

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