PUR CRF-950Z 2 Stage Water Pitcher Filters (3-Pack)

PUR CRF-950Z 2 Stage Water Pitcher Filters (3-Pack)What models can use the PUR CRF-950Z water filter?
  • PUR Advantage 1-Stage Water Pitchers
  • PUR Ultimate 2-Stage Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-600C Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-800 Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-830 Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-900 Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-930 Water Pitchers
  • PUR DS-1800Z Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-1500 / CR-1500R Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-1510 / CR-1510R Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-5000 Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-6000 Water Pitchers
  • PUR CR-6000C Water Pitchers
  • What models CANNOT use the PUR CRF-950Z water filter?
  • PUR Advanced Filtering Water Cooler by KAZ
  • PUR Water Coolers
  • PUR DS-1800 (The CRF-950Z can be used with the DS-1800Z)

The PUR CRF-950Z water filter cartridge reduces the following contaminants:
  • 98.5% of Cadmium
    99.9% of Copper at pH 6.6
    95.7% of Copper at pH 8.3
    99.3% of Lead at pH 6.6
    96.5% of Lead at pH 8.3
    91.2% of Mercury at pH 6.6
    91.9% of Mercury at pH 8.3
    96.6% of Benzene
    96.4% of Tetrachloroethene
    88.5% of MTBE
    96.4% of Carbon Tetrachloride
    99.0% of Ethylene Dibromide
    99.6% of Toluene
    99.7% of Trichloroethene
    94.0% of TTHM
    98.4% of Xylene
    99.9% of Cysts
    90.0% of 2,4-D
    86.6% of 2,4,5-TP (Silvex)
    78.0% of Atrazine
    88.0% of Carbofuran
    96.8% of Lindane
    89.3% of Methoxychlor
    94.7% of Simazine
    99.7% of Styrene
    85.7% of Toxaphene
    98.9% of Chlorine Taste & Odor
    98.5% of Particulates (Class I)

PUR CRF-950 Replacement Filter Information:
  • Replace the PUR CRF-950Z water filter pitcher cartridge every 1-2 months or every 40 gallons of water depending on your water quality and water usage.
  • The PUR CRF-950Z water filter cartridge is quick and easy to replace.
  • No special tools required
  • The new filter should be soaked in cold tap water for 15 minutes and cold water flushed through for 10 seconds before installing in your water pitcher.

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