PuroTwist 3000 Reverse Osmosis System

PuroTwist 3000 Reverse Osmosis SystemPuROTwist 3000 Reverse Osmosis System Replacements:
  • STAGE 1 - 10 Micron Carbon Block Filter: Provides protection to the RO membrane from free chlorine and sediment. Purchase the Omnipure Q-Series Q5621 filter. Replace every 6 months depending on water quality.
  • STAGE 2 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Membrane reduces a high percentage of dissolved inorganics. Purchase the TQ56-50FC 50 gallon per day PuROTwist reverse osmosis system membrane. Membrane life up to 2 years depending on water quality.
  • STAGE 3 - GAC Filter: PostFilter to improve taste and odor of drinking water. Purchase the Omnipure Q-Series Q5633 filter. Replace every 12 months depending on water quality.

PuROTwist 3000 Reverse Osmosis System Specs:
  • Pressure Requirement: 30-100 psi
  • Temperature: 40F to 100F (4C to 38C)
  • Membrane filters up to 50 gallons of water per day

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