Watts W10FFPH1CBPR #10 Full Flow Whole House Housing

Watts W10FFPH1CBPR #10 Full Flow Whole House HousingWatts W10FFPH1CBPR Clear Whole House Replacement Water Filter Information:
  • The water filter cartridge is not included with the housing. This allows you to purchase the best water filter for your water supply.
  • The water filter cartridge life depends on the water filter cartridge purchased, the quality of your water, and the amount of water used. You will know when to change the filter cartridge when your water pressure drops.
  • Sediment water filters reduce dirt, sand, silt, sediment, rust particles, and scale particles. Choose from one of our sediment water filters at the 10" x 4.5" Big Blue Filter Page.
  • Drinking water filters produce healthier, better-tasting drinking water by reducing chlorine taste and odor and other contaminants. Choose from one of our carbon drinking water filters at the 10" x 4.5" Big Blue Filter Page.
Most Popular Water Filters for the #10 Big Clear Whole House Housing:
  • Sediment Filters:
    DGD-5005 5 Micron Sediment Filter (Recommended for well water and chlorinated water)
    ECP5-BB 5 Micron Pleated Filter (Recommended for chlorinated water only)
  • Carbon Filters:
    CBC-BB 0.5 Micron Chlorine Taste & Odor and Cyst Reduction Carbon Block Filter
    06-425-200-975 0.5 Micron Chlorine Taste & Odor, Cyst, and Lead Reduction Filter
    GAC-BB 20 micron Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction Water Filter
Recommended Parts & Accessories:
  • Replacement WOR-FF O-Rings. One o-ring is included with the housing purchase, but you should replace the o-ring periodically to prevent leaks.
  • Use silicone grease to lubricate the o-rings to prevent leaking.
  • Use the WW-FF housing wrench to remove the sump. The wrench should NOT be used to tighten the sump back onto the cap. Tightening may cause damage to the o-ring. Wrench sold separately.
  • Use a single stainless steel mounting bracket to mount the whole house housing. There is also a double mounting bracket or triple mounting bracket if you purchase multiple housings.
  • Another option is the the housing stand to set the whole house housing in.
  • The replacement sump is the W10FFPH-SUMP. The sump should be replaced at least every 5 years.

Watts W10FFPH1CBPR Water Filter Housing Specs:
  • Dimensions of #10 Clear Whole House Housings: 13-1/2" x 7-1/8" (343 mm x 181 mm)
  • Maximum Pressure: 90 psi
#10 Big Clear Housing Materials of Construction:
  • Housing: Lexan (Clear)
  • Cap: Polypropylene (HFPP)
  • O-Ring: Buna-N
  • Button Assembly: 300-series Stainless Steel, EPDM, and Polypropylene

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