Cadmium Water Treatment

Water from our taps contains too many contaminants not to have effect on our health. And water filter is the way to reduce and remove harmful chemicals and metals from the water we drink and use for cooking, bathing and other purposes. And the choice of water filtration system can depend on the contaminant you want to remove from your water. Here you'll find best quality water filters perfect for removal of cadmium. Cadmium is metal used to make pigments for plastic products and batteries, for metal plating operations, television phosphors and photography. Cadmium is found in natural deposits containing other metals. The MCLG level for cadmium is 0.005. Drinking water that contains levels of cadmium above this can cause lung cancer, kidney damage, anemia, bone diseases, pulmonary emphysema and other health problems. Ion exchange, coagulation/filtration and reverse osmosis water filtering technologies are the most effective in removing cadmium.

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