Chemicals (VOC) Water Treatment

VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) are compounds containing carbon. They easily evaporate from water into air at normal air temperatures. VOCs are contained in residential, industrial and commercial products including gasoline, cleaners, fuel oils, inks, refrigerants, dyes, pesticides, paints, solvents, etc. some VOCs soak into the ground and may end up in drinking water supplies. Water containing high levels of VOCs is harmful to health and the health effects of VOCs vary. Some may be harmful to the liver, kidney or central nervous system. Some are as cancer causers. Water filtration systems remove and reduce VOCs and other contaminants. Activated carbon water filters effectively remove VOCs. House water filtering system is preferred for VOCs because they provide safe water for laundry and bathing as well as for drinking and cooking. We offer you trusted and high quality water filters for VOCs removal at the lowest prices available.

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