Copper Water Treatment

The water we drink, use for cooking and bathing, and other purposes at home and in the office, should be clean and safe. And the water from our taps have proved to contain multiple contaminants which are harmful to our health and water filter systems help to improve the quality of water we drink. Constant supply of fresh tasty and clear water in your office or home is possible with high quality water filter and here you'll find water filtering systems perfect for removing and reducing cooper from the water. Cooper occurs in soil, sediment, rock, water, air and the levels of this reddish metal found in surface and ground water are rather low. And drinking water may contain high levels of dissolved cooper if cooper-containing fixtures and cooper plumbing come in contact with corrosive water in water distribution system. Depending on the water character, geographic location, presence of cooper pipes and water temperature, the cooper intake is higher or lower. At lower levels cooper is essential element but levels above 5mg/l can cause acute toxic effects. Reverse osmosis water filtering technology and distillation are most effective in reducing cooper.

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