Hardness Treatment by Water Softening

The presence of magnesium and calcium in water causes hardness and if you use more soap than is required and if there is white residue on plumbing fixtures, the water you use is probably hard. Slightly hard water is 3 or fewer grains per gallon, medium hard is between 3 and 7 grains per gallon, hard water is between 7 and 10 grains per gallon and very hard water is between 10 and 14. Extremely hard water is anything over 14 grains per gallon. Some geographic areas have more hard water problems than others. Especially south central US including New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, California; Florida and Midwest including Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas are notorious areas for problems of hard water. Here you'll find best quality water filtering systems to treat your drinking water.

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