Mercury Water Treatment

Mercury is one of the least abundant elements in the earth's crust commonly used in pressure gauges, thermometers, fluorescent lamps, dental fillings and electric switches. Chemical industry, paper and batteries manufacturing use inorganic mercury compounds. This silver-white, shiny metal is also used in some water pumps and electrical equipment. Mercury can get into drinking water by many different ways. It can be carried from the air into rivers, reservoirs and lakes by snow and rain. It can seep into underground water supplies from hazardous and industrial waste sites, etc. A variety of health effects in the body can be caused by mercury. The amount and the form of mercury we are exposed to influence the severity and the type of health effects. Central nervous system problems or kidney disease can be results of exposure at high levels. Use reverse osmosis water treatment method to reduce mercury in your drinking water. You may also choose whole house water filter to have constant supply of clean and healthy water you use for cooking, bathing and drinking.

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