MTBE Water Filtration

MTBE (methyl-t-butyl ether) is a member of group of fuel oxygenates chemicals. It is used in gasoline to reduce ozone and carbon monoxide levels caused by auto emissions. MTBE can be spilled during transportation and storage. Releases of MTBE to surface and ground water can occur through leaking above ground and underground fuel storage tanks, spills, pipelines, consumer disposal of old gasoline, automobile accidents damaging the fuel tank, storm water runoff, emissions from marine engines into reservoirs and lakes. MTBE migrates farther and faster in the ground than other gasoline components and MTBE is more likely to contaminate private drinking water wells and public water systems. MTBE is difficult to remove from the ground as it doesn't degrade easily. MTBE can be effectively reduced from drinking water by reverse osmosis with activated carbon pre-filtration. Choose best quality water filters and enjoy clean and healthy water.

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